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Armor Stand v1.0.4

Armor Stand Configurator
Armor Stand Configurator is very easy to do. It is made by the armor stand configurator csb987. It is used with a variety of Minecraft versions. You can also use it during your game. This mod adds a GUI to the armor stand that you can access by shift-clicking the armor stand. It is very easy to run it. Inside it, you are provided with options to set a variety of poses, which make you important. In this, you can also change many other properties. If you use the Armor Stand configurator during the game, you'll find armor shelves useful as decorations to keep in the game. This will enable you to get to the chest faster than you can open it.

Armor Stand configurator -

However, the armor rig in Minecraft is boring and boring, so the Armor Stand configurator mod was created. Using it provides a different kind of adventure for you. A good Armor Stand configurator adds a GUI for all types of mod armor stands, which you can access by shift-clicking on the armor stand. Along with this, it is also able to change the weapon used during the game. This makes it easy to hide the game key or base plate. You can also click items in and out of the Armor Stand's hands.

Features Of Armor Stand Configurator

  • The manufacturer of the Armor Stand configurator has developed to turn stands into "mannequins" with movable arms and legs.
  • It is easy to rotate it in any direction according to you.
  • You can develop and operate the armor stand according to you.
  • Rotate all the weapons in the game using the Armor Stand configurator.
  • Armor Stand can be used to lay weapons or hide the base plate. The hands can also click items in and out.
  • Armor Stand configurator mod comes with a customizable armor stand interface, in which you get more settings like stealth, zero gravity, no pedestal, no hands.
  • There are many such mini stands, which are half the size of the normal.

How to use Armor Stand –

Today many people have a question, how to use Armor Stand Configurator. You can use it only after downloading the latest version of Armor Stand Configurator Mod. As you install it, you have to proceed by following its instructions. For this don't forget to check if any additional mods are required to run the mod. Sometimes you need an additional app to run the mod on your phone. But if you download its latest version, then you will not need another application. If you need more information on this you can visit the Minecraft forum thread to find other shorter methods. Here you will get all the information related to it.

Armor Stand Configurator Controls

Armor Stand configurator MOD 1.12/1.11.2 adds a GUI to Armor Stand, which you can access by shift-clicking on your computer. It changes your posture and the posture of other weapons. For this, you can also choose to click the mod item in and out with their hands, which is provided in it.
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