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Ender Mail

Ender Mail

If you are a Minecraft player, then you will be familiar with Endermen. They are the most powerful and dangerous creatures in the game that only spawn at night. They have dark purple skin and long fingers that can cause a player to become paralyzed if they touch them.

In the 1.13 update, Endermen got a new type of mail named "Ender Mail" which is exclusive to them

Ender Mail was published on Apr 10, 2020, by a developer named Chaosyr, which became a lot more popular by the time it was published and so far this mod has more than 1,585,541 downloads which is one of the most used mods of Minecraft. are one

Ender Mail allows you to employ Endermen as Ender Mailmen to deliver packages for you anywhere in the world.

Endermen are the hostile, tall, dark blue creatures that are found in the End. Endermen are members of the Ender family. They are also one of the few mobs that will chase after a player who looks into their eyes.


  • Craft packages and fill their 5 inventory slots with items to be delivered
  • Stamp the package to set the delivery location
  • Right-click with a Package Controller to summon an Ender Mailman to deliver your package
  • Right-click a stamped package while crouching to remove the stamp and access its contents
  • Packages can be picked up as items that retain their inventory
  • Packages can also be delivered to Lockers by their unique IDs

The Ender Mail is a form of armor that can be found in Minecraft. It provides 8 points of protection against all damage types except fire and lava because it does not provide any kind of protection against fire or lava damage. The armor also provides 1 point each to Unarmed Combat damage and Durability for a total of 10 points.

Ender Mail is the only way to communicate with Endermen in Minecraft. It is essential in order to craft Withers or translocators. The player can create Ender Mail by right-clicking an Enderman with a Stick.

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