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Enderite Mod v0.8.1

Enderite Mod
Due to the great features and performance of Enderite Mod, it has been added to minecraft, in which you will get many better equipment and armors that you can use to get into the unforgettable world of minecraft, which will force you to do many great adventures Minecraft is application software that will help you to make your gaming character in the game, lots of gamers use this application for making their gaming character, they will choose what their gaming character looks like on the gaming screen or their character can look different from another gaming character.  Encourage yourself to download this addon and be the coolest player.  As we know that MCPE is available in very limited quantity and we cannot have the same things, so Enderite mod also java edition base in which you will have a lot of fun completing many great tasks Add the following tools: Anderite's Sword, Anderite's Spade, Anderite's Shovel, Anderite's Axe, and Anderite's Pickaxe. But it also adds something that very few add-ons add and the possibility that the ore is generated automatically, if Anderite or Anderita is generated automatically at the end.

Feature of Enderite Mod

  • Custom biome creation
  • Additional Modding Capabilities
  • Code made with bridge
  • 3D models made with Blockbench

Void floating ability (Enderite items)

  • no gravity
  • they avoid the void (y<0) and float above it, even after a player fell out of the world
  • fireproof (like netherite)

Void floating enchantment

  • they avoid the void (y<0) and float above it, even after a player fell out of the world
  • tiers are chances of survival in the void damage zone (y < -64): 1: 33%, 2: 66%, 3: 100%

Special items/blocks

  • Enderite Ore: can only be mined after it was cracked through an explosion (heights 12-48 in the End)
  • Shulker Box: a safer and bigger alternative to normal shulker box (survives the void, fireproof, higher blast resistance(up to TNT), 9x3 inventory)
  • Enderite Respawn Anchor: allows respawns at the End (charged with ender pearls)
  • Sword: Can be charged with ender pearls in the smithing table, lets you teleport with sneak + right click if charged (max charge is 64)
  • Enderite Shield: Can be charged with ender pearls in the smithing table, lets you teleport away from your attackers with sneak + block if charged (max charge is 64)
  • Helmet: prevents Enderman from getting aggressive towards you when looking at them
  • Moderate Elytra Chestplate: Enderite Chestplate fused with the Elytra, provides armor and Eyltra flight

More About Enderite Mod 1.17.30

1.17.30 is the latest version of Enderite Mod in which you get to see many cool and new features, like creative menu and blocks will appear in the crafting table. The technical definition of Minecraft Skin in the game refers to the textures that are used in the game to change their in-game appearance on a player model or mob model. Simply put, Minecraft Skins allows you to customize it so that your Minecraft player can customize their own skin.  In the context of the Enderite Mod 1.17.30 game, each Minecraft player's skin in the game resembles a default classic skin known as the "Steve" skin. Without this skin installed, your Minecraft avatar appears colorless. 
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