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Modern Life v1.16.5

Modern Life
Decorative function plays a very important role in modern life Minecraft game, which serves to give a great new direction to the game Minecraft 1.16.5. Home Appliances, Plumbing, Various useful blocks for construction, Blocks for making roads with realistic markings, Light bulbs, A camera and a printer, Chess that you can play You get to see many great features like a bike and a flashlight, as well as you can enjoy riding on the bike, using all these tools you can make a great home of your own, all this is trying to give you a real-life feel. And to keep your interest in this game, unexpected incidents will also happen which you have to avoid.

Features of  Modern Life Mod

Modern Life Mod has many great features which make it much more interesting with Minecraft. In this Modern Life Mod, you will get all the home features that have different work, make the game interesting in many great ways by using the Modern Life mod. can go on and on
  • Flashlight
  • Easel and canvas for painting your own masterpieces
  • Playable guitar and optional amplifier to add distortion
  • Playable chessboard
  • Extractor: sideways hopper
  • Metal grate: allows fluids/items/smoke to flow through but blocks mobs and players
  • Turntable: rotates blocks and mobs on top of it each time it receives a Redstone pulse
  • Radiator: slowly removes snow and ice nearby when turned on
  • Power transmitter/receiver: wireless Redstone that works on a per-channel basis, right-click to change the current channel
  • Toilet: it's a toilet
  • Microwave for cooking one food item very quickly
  • Stove, for cooking many items in the oven slowly
  • A refrigerator that can slowly convert water buckets into ice
  • Trash can with unlimited capacity to delete items
  • Seed spreader that can automatically plant seeds deposited into it
  • Deluxe bed which two people can sleep on at the same time
  • Easel and canvas for painting your own masterpieces
  • Playable guitar and optional amplifier to add distortion
  • Playable chessboard
  • Digital Alarm Clock which can display the current in-game time
  • The paved road which increases the movement speed of vehicles + road marker to paint stripes or shoulders
There is also a mirror, a working flashlight, an electric guitar on which you can play, a chainsaw that cuts wood blocks quite quickly, and very quickly cuts mobs with an effect similar to blood, and during the breaks of the game, you can put chess on the table and play with your friend, moreover, the pieces will move on the board.
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28 thoughts on “Modern Life”

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  3. Lion gamer says:

    Thank u

  4. Rahul kumar says:

    Thank you

  5. Rahul kumar says:

    Thank you bro ap bhaut ache ho or video dalte rahana mod wali

  6. Stealth gaming says:

    when i am trying to download modern life ender pig mod is downloading pls fix it plsssss

  7. surriyazahid says:


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  10. Raha arefin says:

    i love u bro MC arena is my best mod installer

  11. Arpan says:

    Bhai mere. Se. Mode. Download. Nahi. Ho. Rha. Hai

    Pls pls pls pls. Help me

  12. Shabdjyoti says:


  13. irfan says:

    i cant dawnload the mod,when i dawnload this mod its shows ender pig

  14. Anmol says:

    Bahi mera nam he

  15. Anmol says:


  16. Newton says:


  17. MD.Enayat says:

    Bro how to download this mod

  18. Hamza says:


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  20. Soyan says:

    Cooll mod

  21. Soyan says:

    Cool mod

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    How to use

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