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Physics Mod

Physics Mod

Physics Mod is a ridiculously fun way to get a feel for the way blocks and mobs to behave, and once they're broken or killed, the player will break the block into several pieces before it disappears.

Minecraft has come a long way since its release in 2009. The indie game has evolved from a simple block-building game to a complex world of creativity, exploration, and survival.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is gravity. In Minecraft, you can jump from a hundred-floor high tower and when you hit the ground, you will be fine. This mod fixes that.

Minecraft physics mod 1.17.1 If you're looking for a mod for Minecraft that will add realistic physics to the game, then you're in luck.

The Physics Mod not only adds realistic physics to the game but also offers a variety of other features. This mod is not compatible with SMP, so you can only use it in a single player.

Which physics should be added to the block breaking and falling or the object floating in the water.  Mobs will also have physics when they die and turn into pieces.

Physics Mod This is a huge complete mod package that tries to attract a large number of communities.
Although we need a very high processor computer to output graphics it runs smoothly on low-level pc also, apart from this the most attractive feature of physics mod is that it is available for Minecraft Forge and Fabric API together Is


  • Mob Ragdolls
  • Mob Fracturing
  • Mob Fracturing (with blood)
  • Blocky Mob
  • Fractured Blocks
  • Blocky Blocks
  • Item Physics
  • Gravity

TNT mobs are the best in Physics mod because when it explodes they have the ability to make all the boxes disappear with their blast in all four directions which is a great sight for the player

What does it do?

In Minecraft game, it is physical to Works to add customized you can completely optimize the physics volume and disable some parts of it for better performance on the computer/laptop as per the specification of your computer, with the help of which it will perform better on your system


Although physics mod does not require configuration, if you want to do some configuration according to your in this file you can get the file from config/physics_config.json and config/physics_server_config.json You can find it in Minecraft under Options > Physics Options.

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