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Simple Flight v1.7.2

Simple Flight
Simple flight is a great mod in Minecraft that lets you fly simple, smooth, and balanced. There are many creative features available in this mod that make this mod Minecraft even more interesting. In simple flight, you can try many of the best features in the replays of the game but you can't fly in this mode as well In this, you flap your wings to achieve and maintain gliding or gliding from heights or rocks to avoid falling or detonation in the air with the power of a jet engine. But one of the highlights of the simple flight mod is that you can only fly for a limited amount of flaps per flight, and all wings allow you to glide safely - meaning that if you're not careful, So you can incur a significant amount of drop losses.

Feature Minecraft Simple Flight Mod 1.7.10

  • Make changes to the files in the resources directory
  •  Adds many new items to the game
  • we can share with your friends
  • Useful Players Reviews
  • Fixes for various devices
  • Simple Flight adds many attractive, colorful wings, gliders, and jetpacks to your Minecraft experience

Enchantment Types:

Enchantment 2 in simple flight mod Types It plays a great role in which Aerial Swiftness and Longer Flight are available
  • Aerial Swiftness: decreases the cool-down period between flaps.
  • Longer Flight:  increases the number of possible flaps for each flight.

How to Fly

Simple Flight You can fly your flight using the very simple method First hover your wings item after that you will get flaps number which you can use to fly this number will be different per flight First, equip the wings. All the wings and gliders in this mod are worn as chest pieces. Then, you need to become airborne, either by jumping or walking off of some sort of ledge. When in the air, you just have to press whatever key you use when you JUMP in order to flap your wings – It’s that simple! Watch out for fall damage, though, or your first few landings might end up just a bit messy.

Flying Made Fun Again

Unlike other flight modes, which practically break the game, they are very harmful to a player, so you have to play the game in many ways like in simple flight you have to fly within many limits When equipped with flight wings or a glider, you can quickly see how many flaps you gain before you start gliding or fall, depending on the situation.

About Simple Flight 1.7.10

Simple Flight is a great mod, although initially, it used to run on many bugs and some limited systems the latest version 1.7.10 of simple flight is the best version so far in which all kinds of bugs have been removed and along with The system requirement has also been improved, you can know about many other features in this version, which we have given in detail above.
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