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Uploaded by GODxMOD
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Slimy Chunks 1.0.4

Slimy Chunks
Slimy Chunks adds a bunch of new SLIME related things to Minecraft! What's new? The Slime Chunk Sensor - Easily locate Slime Chunks with this new "Craftable" tool! (It will glow when you're inside a slime chunk!) DISCLAIMER - This Sensor currently only works in Single Player Mode! The Slime Pad - This "Bounce" pad will propel just about anything into the air. If a Player steps on it, they'll pick it up as they bounce. You can disable the "Pick Up" by RIGHT CLICKING on the pad once it's placed. It'll emit a particle when it's locked down. (Redstone Blocks under the pad will DOUBLE it's bounce) Slime Carpet - Completely negates fall damage if you land on it. (Might be good in a Clutch!) Slimes now have a chance to drop a FULL SET of SLIMY ARMOR!!!
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