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The Afterlight v1.16.5

The Afterlight
Afterlight mod is the most expensive and funniest mod in Minecraft With this mod, you can create a strange world and enjoy this mod in the best possible way Many types of features and controls are available in this mod which you can easily use and create your own wonderful world. Before entering the world of the after-flight mod in Minecraft, players must collect 10 void stones, 2 moon crystals that can be mined on the overworld. The Afterlight is an expansive mod that strives to add a new dangerous and eerie dimension to Minecraft, filled with new biomes, enemies, structures, weaponry, and more!

About The Afterlight 1.16.5

Outside, or can save from thought” is a possible slogan for buying The After, which is safe for storing the bulk of the equipment that the world expects out of it.

Afterlight Mod is a great atmospheric mod added to Minecraft that keeps the player engaged in the game in a great way it can work in multiple groups in one way and also share this with your friends In After-light mod 1.16.5, once the player has entered as he pleases, he must then discover a moon altar in his new world that is randomly generated all over the world But the player needs to be careful here because access to the New World must be done during the night by right-tapping a raised area with a stick and void stones, which will give the world a lot to bring to the table. But when strange events occur, the players can back off by looking at delightful scenarios.


  • A soul-themed dark & luminescent dimension, located on the Dark Arm of the Dimensional Plane (In between the End and the Overworld)
  • 4 new Overworld biomes + 3 new cave biomes to discover in the dimension
  • 6 new mobs to defeat
  • 20+ new plants to collect and farm
  • 3 new tool/weapon/armor sets
  • Over 10 new advancements to complete
  • Some intriguing lore of past survivors of the dimension

TIPS For  beginners

If you want to get to the coolest dimension of Minecraft and go to a new world to do some weird adventures then you should play the game with The afterlight mod before you can collect overworld resources for which you have to dig underground from which you need to find 10 void rocks and 2 moon crystals are small things. most of the time diamonds are more likely to be found near y-level or crystals at any y-level just don't forget to bring a stone ax with you before you enter this adventurous world, Otherwise, you may face many problems in harvesting crystals from ore. Also, you should use Moonlight Jungle as it is considered to be the safest biome for the users. The wood contained in it and the high food content can protect it from even the most hostile enemies.
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