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TypicalHeroes v1.12.2

Typical Heroes
Typical Heroes Mod is a specific mod in the Minecraft video game. Typical Heroes implies superhero mod in Minecraft. It adds a number of characters from Marvel, DC superhero companies. Typical Heroes also adds many characters from other special superhero companies except Marvel and DC. The creator of the Typical Heroes Mod is BarryFlash. BarryFlash is a beginner modder who is fond of Superheroes and Minecraft. He is endeavoring to improve this mod.

Features of Typical Heroes Mod in Minecraft

Typical Heroes Mod comes with some unique features for Minecraft. It allows the players in the game to wear a suit to acquire multiple abilities. Furthermore, this mod enables players to fly upwards and to run very fast. Players will also be able to do some gentle attacks, use of music, and various other features with this mod. Typical Heroes Mod will continue to work in an effort to bring as many characters as possible to this superhero mod. A total of 14 various suits are now available in the mod. Each of them has unique characteristics and powers. This mod is quite enjoyable in Minecraft.

Typical Heroes Mod Provides

Typical Heroes Mod provides many items. Here is the list below:
  • Typical Machine Unit - Typical Machine Unit works to collect the information on all suits. He gives efforts in collecting information. The users can be able to get the information that heroes use by selecting the name of the suit.
  • Black Widow - Black Widow is listed as one of the most talented agents who prefers stealth, pistols, and using batons, to suppress her opponents.
  • Flash - Flash comes with super speed. It allows him to run at extreme speeds. Also, to win the upper hand in battle, Flash uses his swiftness.
  • Batman - Batman is considered one of the smartest heroes in the universe. He is skilled enough to use his detective dexterity, unique battle styles, and collection of gadgets, and these enable him to take out Gotham's worst baddies.

Typical Heroes Mod Controls in Minecraft

To control the Typical Heroes Mod in Minecraft certain recipes are required in the mod. Most of the recipes are detailed underneath: •Energy - There are a lot of machines available in the Typical Heroes Mod that require energy to work. To get the energy for starting its function, players need to build a fuel generator and put coal into the fuel. For transferring energy from the fuel generator to another block, the users must place the receiving block. •Smelting Crucible: This recipe is used to create titanium-gold ingots. To perform its function the crucible needs to fire just below it, and then it requires a right-click with 3 gold and 3 titanium to build titanium gold. Players clean the crucible using a right-click with a pail of water. •Lightning Extractor – Lightning Extractor is usually used for the purpose of making Lightning essence. Players need to place blocks in a y-level more than 100, and there must be thunderstorms to collect power.
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