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Uploaded by GODxMOD
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VoteMobs 1.0.1

This mod adds three new mobs that were anounced before Minecraft Live 2021. Glare: - Spawns in caves; - Give him some glowberries and he will follow you for a while, looking for places dark enough for mobs to spawn. Allay: - Spawns in Soul Sand Valleys; - He LOVES noteblocks. If you play a note on a noteblock he'll attach to it; - Give him an item and he'll search for the same items on the ground nearby and drop them near the noteblock. Copper Golem: - You can build it with copper block and pumpkin; - Loves to press copper buttons; - Oxidizes over time and than freezez into a statue; - Oxide can be removed with an axe of with a lightning strike. Credit
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4.7/5 - (572 votes)
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