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Uploaded by GODxMOD
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WeirdMobs 1.1


WeirdMobs Mod for Forge 1.17.1

This mod adds 9 new mob to your game, almost every mob has a special move that can make your gameplay into a living hell. But do not worry! Some mobs can be tamed to fight by your side. The Blaze Wolf will set his target on fire and is tamable with blaze rods. Ender Creeper will charge at you very fast, but to make things balanced, his explosion is a bit weaker than a regular creeper. Wolfmen spawn with an iron sword, the sword has a 20% droprate. Credit
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4.7/5 - (566 votes)
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One thought on “WeirdMobs”

  1. Tarun says:

    I like at minecraft and mods

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