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Lethal Peaceful

Lethal Peaceful

Lethal Peaceful is a Minecraft Mod with unique features. It has the ability to convert peaceful and neutral mobs into deadly killing machines in the game.

It allows players to create or find all the items in Minecraft which are currently unattainable on the peaceful mod. This mod is not considered a very big mod in Minecraft.

Lethal Peaceful Mod doesn't add recipes for all items. There are some specific items for which this mod doesn't add recipes. They are here:

  • The items that can be searched in dangerous positions, such as 'Disc', 'Saddles', 'Cat' and '13'.
  • items which are creative only blocks
  • The items which fall from the bosses

Creator of Lethal Peaceful Mod

Lethal Peaceful Mod was created by MCreator. It is an excellent program that allows users to build their own Minecraft Mod with little effort. The users can easily design their Minecraft Mod with the help of this program as per their choice.

Features of Lethal Peaceful Mod

Lethal Peaceful Mod is a hard mod along with lots of mobs, however, it has lots of equipment and armor types to balance out the combat. Abundant adventure aspects will also be found in this Minecraft Mod Pack.

Lethal Peaceful Mod adds to Minecraft an extravagant and quite epic offensive version of ordinary peaceful crowds, which have the power to spawn at night.

The players can obtain them by throwing away a portion of the peaceful platform. The evil forms of crowds are awesome and cool, even with firearms.

Languages ​​supported Lethal Peaceful Mod

Lethal Peaceful Mod has the flexibility of languages. Except for English, it supports few other languages. You can perform instruction activities of this mod in Minecraft with some specific languages. They include,

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Hungarian

Lethal Peaceful Mod Controls

Lethal Peaceful Mod has the ability to work in Minecraft while playing at a high level of difficulty. This mod also brings some new blocks and items that you need in the Minecraft game. Using new blocks and items you can design your own blaze rod, ammo, etc. for Minecraft.

In addition, with Lethal Peaceful Mod there are also some new recipes for items that can be found in Peaceful mode. Users can use them to make the Lethal Mod more balanced. The following are the all items in this Minecraft Mod:

  • saltpeter deposit
  • sulfur deposit
  • block of Saltpeter
  • block of Sulfur
  • rafflesia
  • fossil block
  • hydraulic press
  • gypsum block
  • encased fossil block
  • flax

Although the weapons of Lethal Peaceful Mod have not been added, what the mobs have are simple and archaic. The most dangerous thing in Minecraft is the fox. It advances very rapidly and detonates very strongly with the nephrite set. In a specific block, the players can make a potion of direct change and reverse.

How to download Lethal Peaceful Mod?

By following a few steps, you will be able to download Lethal Peaceful Mod from the internet. The steps are given below:

  •  Install Minecraft Forge
  •  Install all additional mods if specified
  •  Download and copy the mod to Minecraft/Mod
  •  Launch the Forge version of the game in the specific launcher.
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