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Just Enough Items (JEI) JEI 1.12.2

Just Enough Items (JEI)
The just Enough Items(JEI) mod is one of the better items for Minecraft. Through which it remains a way to view items and recipes in Minecraft. By using this game users can see all kinds of recipes and their items available in Minecraft. It's built from the ground up for the stability and performance you get when playing the game. just Enough items Mod for Minecraft 1.8+ is a mod version to display simplified items and recipes. If you're playing a game to build blocks on the ground and you need to see items in it, just use Enough Items(JEI).

Just Enough Items(JEI) Features

  • In just Enough Items(JEI) you can use Minecraft Forge, the simpler version of Minecraft. This is a Modding API that lets you install many different Minecraft mods. It's a simple guide that will walk you through how to install Forge the right way.
  • In just Enough Items(JEI) you get Cheating Mode, which when turned on at a time shows the player item list with a single click. You can click on an item and get it automatically.
  • just Enough Items(JEI) is a utility mod created by Maze. In this, based on NEI, JEI's existing inventory GUI has been added with the list of items on the far right. You can search it through a text box list available in it.
  • just Enough Items(JEI) makes it necessary to check the use of recipes and items available in Minecraft. You can also use it to search for objects in the open GUI.
  • In the JEI version, you get a variety of addons that, usually like Thomic JEI, add additional modified support throughout the game.

Just Enough Items(JEI) Control

In this, you get a variety of options in terms of basic controls, which you can use during Minecraft. like - List:
  • To see the recipe: Item + R . hover over
  • To give the game used: Item + U . click on
  • Item list overlay toggle: Control + O
item list:
  • Show recipe: Click on item or R . type
  • To see how many have been used so far: Right-click the item or click U . type
  • For Next/Previous Page: Scroll Wheel
  • Open the config menu: Click the wrench in the bottom-right
  • To toggle cheat mode: Control-click the wrench in the bottom-right corner.

Search Controls:

  • Select the search bar: Click or Control + F
  • To clear searched items: Right-click
  • To see previous game searches: UP ARROW
  • Search by mod name. Type the name by typing @ in front of a word.
  • Can search for more than one word simultaneously. Exclude search terms: type - in front of a word


  • (Minecraft Options -> Controls)
  • Show Recipes: Hover over item + R
  • Show Uses: Hover over item + U
  • Toggle Item List Overlay: Control + O

Recipe View:

  • Next/Previous page: Scroll Wheel
  • Show all Recipes: Click the recipe category’s name
  • Move items into the crafting area: Click the [+] button. Shift-Click to move multiple sets of items.
  • Shift-click if you want to move multiple sets of Just Enough Items(JEI) items from one place to another.
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