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Uploaded by GODxMOD
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Simple Planes

Simple Planes

Simple Planes getting the opportunity to craft wooden planes. To do this, you will just need to apply the Simple Planes add-on for Minecraft that will allow you to get the most out of the game.

Now it will be enough to add some resources to the crafting table, and you will get an attractive and unusual plane.

About Simple Planes

With the Simple Planes 1.17.1-1.16.4 modification, the player can create wooden planes and conquer the sky with them! You don’t need a lot of resources to create it, just three iron ingots, a boat, and a furnace.

The author has provided many improvements and tuning for planes, so that you can increase the range, speed, and even install several machine guns on the wings.

To get inside the vehicle, press Shift+RBM, and then use the RBM to fill it with coal, after which you will be completely ready to fly!

If desired, you can make a double out of an ordinary airplane. Coal is the fuel, you need to pick it up and right-click after you board the plane.

The controls are very simple: just press the W button to accelerate and take off and turn in the air with A and D.

Simple Planes Features

  • You can right-click Coal onto the Furnace to get the engine going.
  • There are multiple types of planes, depending on what kind of Woods you’re going for. the sprayer shoots potions and you have to put ammo in the shooter* *fire charges, arrows, and fireworks

By the way, it will be endowed with all the necessary functions and please you with the possibility to fly through the sky.

Isn’t it a shame to waste such an opportunity? We think it is, so we just wish you good luck and all the best!



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11 thoughts on “Simple Planes”

  1. Sarthak says:

    Good mod

  2. Sarthak says:

    Good mod video good

  3. Bhavishay Guraria says:

    Op mods

  4. Deepakmishra says:

    Bhai download Kaise karu

  5. mahipal says:

    these mod is very useful

  6. Rushab says:


  7. Steve says:

    Bhai ap bohot bariya vidio banate ho love from Bangladesh

  8. Steve says:

    from Bangladesh love you useful

  9. Pro boys1942 says:

    Good luck and good mod

  10. Sarthak says:

    Good luck and good mod

  11. Aryan chauhan says:

    Hou to dounload

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